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Grow Your Income, Become Financial Independent and Feel Unstoppable

This is a powerful guide for Stay-At-Home Moms. Use it to develop your personal identity, improve your relationships and earn more to enjoy financial liberation.

Grow Your Sense Of Belonging

You wish someone would show you how to grow your income and contribute to the home…

Do you wish you could contribute to the family purse and support your spouse financially? Or, do you sometimes desire you had your personal cash to do as you wish? Do you sometimes get into marital conflicts, and you know it is because you are not earning as much? Or do you wish you could afford more comfort?

Are you afraid of what the future holds in the case of a financial emergency?

Imagine your child wants a gift, you discuss with your spouse knowing your child deserves it, but he says the budget cannot accommodate it at the present. You are unperturbed because you are earning and can absorb the expense. Or you spouse comes home with less than expected income, yet you have the home covered because you have revenue coming in. You have a sense of peace knowing you have acquired skills to keep income flowing. You feel a sense of gratitude and an increased sense of belonging.

feel more prepared before marriage

"Success stories from our coaching client"

Coach Toks’ coaching session with me was very enlightening. She helped address the importance of self-awareness before marriage. She went further to stress the need to communicate this knowledge of self to my intending spouse and be sure there is an alignment before tying the knot.  On a deeper level, I feel more prepared to make the best marital decision possible, and I would urge that anyone seeking similar clarity schedule a session with her.

— Ibukun

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Four (4) weeks of interactive and engaging video Masterclass equipping you to become financially independent and thrive as a Stay-At-Home Mother

Grow Confident

Let your confidence soar as you break free from limiting mindsets that leave you helpless.

Become Independent

Discover your hidden potentials, leverage on them, and earn

Feel Happier

Acquire skills to better manage conflicts and become happier

Ability to Contribute to Home Finances

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Personal Development

Overall personal development that leaves you more confident

A Deeper sense of belonging

Develop a deeper sense of belonging as you grow your earning power

Who is this for

This is a good fit for you if:

You want a new sense of identity, a change in your beliefs and financial freedom. This Masterclass will help you overcome issues around money if:

real experience after coaching session

"Success stories from our coaching client"

After my session with coach toks, I practiced what we discussed, and I have seen positive results. I am so glad I took your advice and had a session with you. It was worth it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Workshop is for 4 weeks

Yes, however, to qualify for a refund, you must have attended the workshop for the 1st two (2) weeks. You must make a request for refund only at the end of week two by sending an email to us Do I get support or 1:1

Yes, you send your requests via email or ask directly during the workshop. You also have access to support in the closed-user group

The Workshop is delivered via Zoom

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Get empowered, Become Financially Free

Increase your earning power, grow your skills, and become equipped for the future