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Masterclass For Matured Single Ladies. Unravel & Maximise your life


Get on a journey of self-discovery. Identify the fantastic opportunities life has for you. Enjoy your life to the fullest and fulfill God’s purpose.

Sign up for this transformational masterclass that helps you unravel and maximise your life while single. You can be happy. You can enjoy singlehood. You can live fulfilled.

Live life to the fullest while being Single

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step

You sometimes feel lonely wishing you were married like many other women. You desire to have children of your own, a place to call home with a loving husband. You feel sad, stressed by family and societal expectations. 

Life feels unfair, meaningless and a bore. You feel empty and it seems no one understands how you deeply feel.

I get you and can relate with your feelings. This is why I have created this Masterclass for you. Imagine your life full of meaning, full of vibes and passion. And how you have discovered what life has in store for you; you’ve uncovered insights that leave you excited. Imagine you, rocking singlehood to the fullest undeterred by the absence of a precious stone on your middle finger. This is possible and I can show you how.


"Success stories from our coaching clients"​

After our session, I practiced what we discussed and I have seen positive results. I am so glad I took your advice and had a session with you. It was worth it. More grease to your elbow.


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Enjoy Life To The Fullest

A powerful masterclass for the matured single woman to help her navigate the challenges of singlehood. Live your life to the fullest, fulfilled, and purposeful.


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Here's what you'll learn or get

Four weeks of immersion uncovering truths about yourself. You will:

Discover Your Purpose

God created you for a reason, it’s time to discover it.

Uncover Your Values

Identify and articulate what matters most to you. Your values say a lot of who you are.

Increase Your Self-Awareness

Amplify your self-awareness to understand who and what you are.

Receive Powerful Nuggets

Get powerful nuggets for 7 days to help you stay in a powerful mental state.

Identify Your Relationship Goals

Uncover what matters to you in a romantic relationship so you never settle for less.

Belong To A Community

Connect with other matured singles on a journey of discovery and purpose. Find support, connect, and build new social networks.

Who is this for

This is a good fit for you if:

You are matured and unmarried. You feel being married is the key to enjoying life. So,


"Success stories from our coaching clients"​

The coaching session I had with Coach Toks was really helpful. She helped to highlight the importance of self awareness before marriage. Went further to stress the need to communicate these knowledge of self to my intending spouse and be sure there is an alignment before tying the knot.


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Get support, discover purpose, fulfil purpose, and live fulfilled. Be full of life, excited and captivated with what life has to offer you



Frequently Asked Questions

The Workshop is for 4 weeks

Yes, however, to qualify for a refund, you must have attended the Masterclass for the 1st two (2) weeks. You must make a request for refund only at the end of week two by sending an email to us

Yes, you send your requests via email or ask directly during the Masterclass. You also have access to support in the closed-user group

The Masterclass is delivered via Zoom

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