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Come, Learn How To Create A lasting & Peaceful Marriage Using Coach Toks CR System. A proven and tested system to help you create peace and harmony in your marriage.

Get the strategies and tools to communicate effectively with your spouse. The Coach Toks Powerful Conflict Resolution System is the key to resolving your marital conflicts, growing your love for your spouse, and finding the peace you desire.

Be Heard Without Sweat

You wish your spouse would listen to you without raising their voice and stop saying hurtful words

You struggle to control your emotions when your spouse brings up the past. Or misconstrues your words. You wonder why it is so hard for your spouse to listen to you and understand. Or maybe you sometimes find it hard to listen and often blame your spouse for the troubles faced. I feel you. That’s why I created Coach Toks Powerful Conflict Resolution System.

Imagine having a conversation with your spouse with a smile on your face; you both communicate with no voices raised. Your points are well understood. Your message is thought-through, and its meaning clear. You are an effective communicator. Imagine your marriage filled with laughter, happiness, and peace. You understand how to communicate so well with your spouse because you have acquired the skills and strategies.


"Success stories from our coaching clients"

After our session, I practiced what we discussed and I have seen positive results. I am so glad I took your advice and had a session with you. It was worth it. More grease to your elbow.

- Olanike Ilesanmi

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Ready to create peace in your marriage?

Communicate effectively, reduce marital conflicts and enjoy a blissful marriage


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Here's what you'll learn or get

With a well-crafted and practical curriculum to help your marriage become all God intends it to be, check out what you will be learning:

Conflict Variations in Marriage

Discover the various of conflicts and label appropriately the dominant type in your marriage.

Communication Struggles

Recognize where and how you or your spouse struggle to effectively communicate

Communication Problems

Uncover underlying problems that make communication a challenge in your marriage

Communication Mistakes

Identify prevalent communication mistakes you make when conveying your message and how to correct them

Communication Skills

Gain practical skills that will help you communicate better with your spouse

Communication Strategies

Learn effective communication strategies to convey your message without ambiguity and free of stress

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"Success stories from our coaching clients"

I’m a benefactor of free one on one coaching with Coach Toks. It took place on the 14th of May 2021 on finances and on the 5th of June on marriage. The questions were kind of meticulous and required a lot of thinking. However, applying the coach strategies in my relationship is making things take shape gradually. Thanks to coach Toks.

- Adenike Ajebeku

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a 3-hour webinar

No. The Ladytoks Powerful Conflict Resolution System is a 3-hour webinar taking place on zoom. All you have to do is log in on your laptop from any location you are in with a stable internet connection

The webinar is a one-day event. Refunds can only be requested BEFORE the webinar takes place. All you need to do is request a refund via our email at least 72hours before the webinar. Requests coming in later than 72 hours before the webinar will not be honour

Yes, you will be added to the WhatsApp group. You can reach out via the group for assistance or send me an email

Yes, you can. The webinar is for any married woman who wants a happy and peaceful marriage. The way God created it to be.

You're just one step away

Ready to create peace in your marriage?​

Communicate effectively, reduce marital conflicts and enjoy a blissful marriage